Discussion Questions


February 25


Pastor Wil Franco

1. Reread Ephesians 1:3-6. Did God teach you anything new today? Did this new truth confront, convict, challenge or comfort you?

2. Why is the doctrine of election such a difficult concept for modern-day westerners to fully embrace? Why is this doctrine so offensive and shocking to the modern ear? Give examples.

3. In v. 4, we are told that God has elected us so that we might be both holy and blameless in Christ. Why can these two words only be true of us in the gospel? Which of the two words most stands out to you? Why?

4. According to the text, the doctrine of election exists because of God’s passion (v. 4c), God’s purpose (v. 5b), and God’s praise (v. 6a). Why are we so quick to attribute motives to God (like unjust or unkind or unloving) that are clearly not found in the text?

5. In what specific ways does this passage in general and this doctrine (election) in particular, encourage and reassure your soul today?