Discussion Questions

Psalms Brand 16x9

July 21


Pastor Ryan Abone

1. Did God teach you anything new today? Did this new truth confront, convict, challenge or comfort you? 

2. What stands out to you about David’s declaration that God is his highest good in the first 3 verses? How important is it for Christians to declare truth to God in prayer, especially in chaos?

3. As you survey the affections of your own heart in this season, where do you feel tempted to find refuge? How can we learn from David?

4. As David contemplates even his own death as the ultimate foundation shaker, what does his conclusion in verses 9-11 say about his trust and delight in God?

5. Since Peter and Paul reference this Psalm about Jesus’ resurrection in Acts, how do we see Jesus fulfilling this in what He accomplished in the Gospel for us? How should that impact how we live?