Discussion Questions

Ephesians Brand 16x9

June 9


Pastor Wil Franco

1. Did God teach you anything new today? Did this new truth confront, convict, challenge or comfort you?

2. Apart from Christ, we are marked by an absence of vertical peace with God, internal peace within ourselves and horizontal peace with others. Why is the gospel the only message that can bring true peace at each of these levels? In this season, at which of the three levels are you least experiencing gospel peace? Why?

3. According Ephesians 1:14, peace isn’t ultimately a force or a feeling, but an actual person. How does knowing that peace is a person, change the way you view peace? How does this gospel reality change the way you pray for peace in both your life and the life of others?

4. If at the cross, Jesus removed the dividing wall of hostility that separates us from other believers, then why are we so quick to rebuild smaller dividing walls? In this season, what specific dividing walls are you being tempted to build between yourself and others? Why?

5. When it comes to the foundational topic of salvation, it’s important not just to know the who of it (Jesus Christ), but also the how of it (His finished work). Why is it so vital for us as believers to regularly be reminded, not only of the who of salvation, but of the how of salvation? What happens to us when we forget these truths?