Mission Church Elders

Elders are called to be humble servant leaders who lead, feed, and protect the church body. Under God’s authority and His leadership, they are responsible for the final decisions concerning the overall direction, discipline, and doctrine of our church.

Memphis Elders

  • Memphis Elder Charles Gaushell

    Charles Gaushell

  • Collierville Elder Brent Armstrong

    Brent Armstrong

  • John Fortner

    John Fortner

  • Memphis Elder Tom O Brien

    Tom O'Brien

  • Mark Parrish

    Mark Parrish

  • Memphis Elder Chris Peterson

    Chris Peterson

  • Memphis Elder Blake Tyler

    Blake Tyler

  • Memphis Elder David Webb

    David Webb

Collierville Elders

  • Collierville Elder Brad Harris

    Brad Harris

  • Collierville Elder Jeff Hill

    Jeff Hill

  • Brian Walters

    Brian Walters

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