Marriage Hero

Marriage Ministry at Mission Church desires to help couples prepare for the covenant of marriage, deepen the covenant of marriage, and remember the covenant of marriage by providing courses, curriculum, conferences, and connection opportunities.

Marriage Prep

Marriage Prep

Marriage Prep is a 10-week course provided for couples who are seriously dating or engaged. Within Marriage Prep, we provide couples with teaching, curriculum, mentorship, and community with the goal of preparing unmarried couples for the lifelong covenant of marriage.



re|engage is a 14-week course provided for couples who are married and need an opportunity to re-connect and re-engage their marriage. Within re|engage, mentor couples lead groups of 3 to 5 couples through 16 chapters of curriculum and facilitate discussion, then walk alongside individual couples helping them figure out next steps. The goal of re|engage is to help couples deepen and remember the covenant of marriage.

  • Resources

    We hope to provide additional curriculum and resources for couples in any season of marriage.

  • Request a Pastor

    We love partnering with couples as they step into the journey of marriage! Let us know if you’d like to have one of our pastors officiate your wedding.



We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our marriage ministry.