Marriage Prep

Marriage Prep Hero

A course for seriously dating and engaged couples.

Marriage Prep

The goal of Marriage Prep is to prepare you for the covenant of marriage.

During this course, you will receive our curriculum, hear teaching on topics such as selfishness, choosing love, sex, money, kids, in-laws, roles in marriage, boundaries, expectations, conflict resolution, communication, and trust. You will also be connected to a mentor couple who is committed to walking through this season of life with you.

Registration is currently closed. Let us know you're interested in this course so we can get you more information! 


All couples who complete the class will receive a certificate of completion to satisfy state requirements for pre-marriage counseling.

You do not have to attend Mission Church to take advantage of this class. Our vision is to offer this course to the community and watch God change the world through gospel-centered marriages.

This course is a marriage preparation course! If you are dating, please know that you do not have to already know you are going to get engaged, but the class is designed to help you know by the end of the course if you are with the person you plan to marry. Dating couples need to register knowing they are seriously dating with the potential for engagement.

Mission Kids will be available, but space is limited. You only need to register the children you will be bringing with you weekly.