Mission : Renovation

We have launched a 12-week giving initiative called Mission : Renovation. We are prayerfully planning to repave the parking lot and improve external security in order to provide a more welcoming and safe environment for our visitors and church family.

Hear the vision behind Mission : Renovation

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We need to raise $600,000 to complete this project and our goal is to have this project funded by April 28. We are aiming to start repaving in the late Spring or early Summer. 

Our parking lot has not been repaved since the building originally opened in the 70s! There are numerous potholes, weeds growing through the cracks, and several uneven surfaces. We will be completely repaving and repainting our parking lot, which includes over 500 parking spaces. We will also be adding video surveillance and improved exterior security to help ensure a safe experience for everyone who walks through our doors. 

While we have Sunday services every week, we also have a Young Adults ministry that meet every Tuesday night and our Students and Adults ministries meeting on Wednesday nights. Additionally, our ministry partner, The Hub Coffee, is open 6 days a week - Monday through Saturday. Hundreds of people come through the doors of The Hub every day to enjoy coffee, host business meetings, and build community with others. 

* Please add "Renovation" to the memo line on checks or envelopes, or select "Renovation" in the dropdown menu for online giving. 

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